Monday, March 19, 2012

An Open Letter to Corporate Food Producers

Dear corporate food producers of America,

First let us get one thing us who feeds you, and not the other way around.

You can lobby congress, you can make your advertising slicker, you can make your packaging more convenient, but you know, and i know, that the dollars upon which you feast are going to begin to come in less steadily.

It is because you produce food irresponsibly, and unsustainably, and now we know. those of us who know are tweeting it, posting it, blogging about it, and regularly conversing with our friends and families.

We know that you buy unnatural crops planted in dead soil, treated with poisons...and we know that those farmers who supply them to you wouldn't even serve these crops to their own families. we know of the foul conditions the animals are confined to, and the chemicals and hormones that they are fed. we know what pink slime is. we know what nitrates do to the environment. and those who don't know...we are telling them.

We know.

We are not feeding you with our dollars anymore.

You can stamp "organic" on  you products if you like, and thank you for trying, but we don't believe anything you say anymore. just because they don't spray chemicals on food, dosen't mean your suppliers bothered to grow things properly or well. we know that mass producing a single crop of anything is unhealthy.

I met the family who will be supplying my family with beef, chicken, eggs, and fresh produce. they are wonderful people who care for the soil and care for their animals. I have learned how to can and freeze this food for my family.

I am one, but 5 years ago I knew nothing about this. Today I know, and so do my friends...they also subscribe to CSA's and shop farmers markets now.

We are a market segment that you will never have back. Would you like to know why? It is because of my baby son, who you will NEVER get your claws into. My friends would say the same about their families.

Our numbers are growing and your bottom line will be shrinking. I don't know if there is karma for corporations, but this will be close.

Gretchen Adamich

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