Saturday, February 4, 2012


My sister, Gretch!

Although Erika introduced me to the phrase "clean eating", my sister, Gretchen, planted the seeds of healthy eating long ago. We have had long discussions on weight loss/gain, the problems with processed foods, and deciphering long, unintelligable labels.

But for some reason, gaining and sharing knowledge was just not enough to motivate a change in behavior. For me, the motivation to really change came in the form of an untainted, perfect, little infant. When it came time to put that first bite of pureed squash into his mouth, I was all of a sudden reading the back of that jar with suspicion.

And my journey only built momentum since then. Now my sister has a beautiful nine month old and she is reading the backs of baby food jars with the same determination. (Or should I say that back of those little organic squeeze packets because she is already ahead of me in that department.)

Anway, we thought it would be interesting to have her relate what it is like for a new mom beginning her journey down the road to clean eating.

Maybe while we're at it, I'll even convince her to homeschool! I've got a few years to work on her....

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