Friday, February 17, 2012

Fast Food Cravings (or lack thereof)

Okay so I started this blog to record this journey, but so far I have mainly been preaching. I just have been shocked by so many of things that I never knew. And it's February, so it's not like I'm growing or preserving anything at the moment.

But I really want to share my progress as well. My victories and setbacks. I want to remember what was hard and what was easy. What worked and what didn't. I want to be able to look back and see how my attitude, desires, and cravings changed, not just when I learned that junk food is addictive and even cows are being fed candy.

So here's a new one... I might be over McDonald's.

We went last night to grab Happy Meals before my son's recital. Jeff pulled up to the drive-through, ordered for the boys, turned to me with that questioning gaze... and nothing. I didn't want a single thing. I suppose I could have gone for a salad, but I was actually in the mood for chicken. Just not that chicken.

For the record, my husband and I have always love(d) McDonald's. I never had a twice a day habit or anything, but we were solid 2-3 times a week customers before we had kids. We ate McDonald's the first time we made it back to civilization after we met. We ate McDonald's while touring Germany, France, London, Scotland, and Wales. We included McDonald's on our first major date after having kids. (Rock n' Roll McD's and Wicked baby!) It was our thing. Our place.

My confession was a big blow, but my husband took it well.

Oh and in the interest of full disclosure... I did snag some of his fries.

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