Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Pitch for School Reform

I have been reading (and watching) speeches, articles, and documentaries critiquing the current educational and political system. I can't help but agree. With everybody… liberals, conservatives, activists, non-partisan think tanks.... Pretty much anyone with a brain can give some very compelling reasons for why everything we know is wrong.

And even if I don't agree with the logic motivating our most popular protesters, I am glad they are taking to the streets and questioning this nightmare. But what I am not hearing are solutions. No one is even trying to present ideas we can all agree on. They are only trying to drum up enough support to topple their opponents. Those in power do not want to preserve and promote our freedoms. They want to squash exactly one-half of us. Because that is how divided we are right now. Are we really satisfied to live in a country that wants to marginalize exactly half of its constituents?

This is one of the reasons I have decided to champion the causes of clean-eating and homeschooling. These are probably the two most non-partisan topics on the agenda. In the U.S. Ultra-liberal hippies have been eating raw, organic, and free-range for years and Christian conservatives are snatching up small farms and starting CSAs. Let's not forget that article we discussed a couple weeks ago about the growing appeal of homeschooling. Not to mention these lifestyles were practiced by human beings for millenia... before we had political agendas.

So now I am going to try throwing out some solutions. I would love feedback. Usually I sit in my home depressed that I can't do anything to help the growing crises our country faces. But one of the speeches I heard yesterday said that big change never comes from a big movement. It comes from a small determined group. I want to be in that group. So what the heck... let's put a workable idea on the table and maybe we can run with it.

So here it is (or will be in the next two days):

Ultra Retro School Reform:

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