Tuesday, February 14, 2012

If You Give a Kid a Sucker

Why is it that if we pick up a bag of suckers I do not hear the end of it until every last one is gone?!

So kids, in case you are wondering why you only see yogurt, granola, and apples in the fridge, it's all your fault! We would happily keep a bag of suckers around to dole out on a sunny afternoon walk. But nooooo.... If you so much as sense those suckers are stashed in the closet, you turn into grasping, clawing, sneaking, little whiners, and I am not listening to that each and every day.

So that's why we don't have suckers. Or those giant boxes of fruit snacks we used to buy. Or the occasional sugar cereal. It's not worth it. Have a carrot stick.

And Happy Valentine's Day.

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