Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cloth Diapers

A facebook friend of mine just posted "We are officially cloth diaper people". When my little guy was 5 months, I started wondering about cloth diapering. I have a few friends in my new mom's group who were doing it, and what i saw looked kind of easy and cute!

Before making the change, I had posted my thoughts on facebook, as i often do, to get reactions from other clothies, and hopefully some advice or recommendations. One just doesn't go to the local grocery and pick a few up. At the specialty kid's store where I found them, the girl even explained that these are an investment, meaning if you take care of them, they can last you until your baby graduates from diapers. 

Not your mother's cloth diaper.
That basically meant buying some fancy detergent, and accessories like wet bags and liners. I'm not going to downplay the fact that starting up on a system like this was pricey. But many parents commented on how much it saves over the long run. I have to admit, I REALLY like walking past the diaper aisle on my weekly grocery runs.

The one that I chose to go with is typical of an All in 2 system. There is an outer shell which you can use until it gets wet (3-4 times), and an inner liner that holds a surprising amount of liquid. What about poop you ask? For real. For some reason, I can see my mother swishing a diaper around in the toilet...that's how they used to deal with it. (Not sure how I remember that. I'm pretty sure my mom gave up on cloth by the time my sister came around). The They're kind of like a really soft dryer sheet that you lay over the surface of the insert. Just pull off and flush! We find that we can wash them over and over till they wear out.

A shout out to the very helpful people at Peapods. Going over there and getting some guidance really helped me make the transition. They are cloth diaper specialists and they ship everywhere.

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