Saturday, February 11, 2012

CSA Blues

Did I ever tell you that it kind've sucked at first? With my CSA, you have to commit to a minimum of three months when you join up. That's probably a good thing, since I had very high expectations and that first bag fell short.

When I read on my farm's website that a share included 20lbs of chicken, beef and pork per month, I sat down and wrote up a menu. We average 1lb of meat per day for our family of 5. So I figured the meat would last 20 days. Add in take-out once a week, a stew or two made from leftovers, and an occasional fish meal from the supermarket and we were set for the month!

WRONG! Each share does indeed weigh 20lbs. But there is a big difference between the number of portions in a pound of ground beef, and a pound of country style ribs!

So, I called back and added an extra share for next time. I won't lie... it hurt. I thought for sure I would be cancelling at the end of our three months. But instead it was the turning point. The start of it all. Check my previous post, and you'll see that even the budget worked out in the end.

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  1. I will add that we just sent off our first CSA payment and are super excited. We ordered a vegetable share, eggs and beef. i thought about doing chickens too, but they averaged out to $15 a piece...and though i get it that it's probably expensive to hand process a chicken, they're still half that price at the Whole Foods.